How We Work with Providers

ClearChain Health links members, their medical providers, and their health insurance creating a direct and transparent relationship. Our members are your patients. The direct relationship is initiated when a member nominates their medical provider. We then reach out to the nominated medical provider and introduce ClearChain Health’s direct and transparent provider access model. Once a nominated medical provider has confirmed participation with ClearChain Health on behalf of the nominating member, the direct relationship is confirmed. ClearChain Health members have access to your care, and you will be paid fairly and promptly using our fair payment model.


90% of providers introduced to our program will participate with ClearChain Health.

Doctor shaking patient's hand

Steps to treating your patient and receiving payment

Because our patients can choose their providers, your role is to return any completed nomination forms you receive from our members with your acknowledgment to participate. The process is easy:

  1. Schedule a visit with your patient. If your patient submitted a provider nomination form, we will be reaching out to you to introduce ClearChain Health.
  1. Treat your patient.

Provider Resources

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Patient Access & Care

Participating in ClearChain Health is easy.

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Claims Submission

Understand how to submit claims and accept payment.

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Provider Portal

Quickly access any claims associated with your provider group.